Mnemonic Device Exercise

Mnemonic Device Creative Exercise:

(Break off into groups of two, and try to meet some new people in the class)

1. Choose one of historical individuals from the lecture who contributed to the manifestation of Computers and the Internet that we know of today. If you select your own individual, the person must have contributed before 1955.

2. In a paragraph, decide with your partner the answer to the question: Why has _(The name of the individual here)_ influenced the modern technology of Computers and the Internet?

3. Come up a mnemonic device to help us remember this individual, their contribution to the creation of the Internet, etc…

4. After you have decided on the mnemonic device, draw the mnemonic device or find an image of the mnemonic device. Place that image on a document.

5. Explain the original meaning/purpose of the mnemonic device.

For example: The original meaning/purpose of the Victorian Book, “Enquire Within about Everything”, was a way for individuals to have an active resource for listing detailed specifications regarding items, events, or DIY instructions for accomplishing tasks. The book, published by Houston & Sons in 1856, was continuously reprinted with updated editions to accommodate the constant influx of new information. The ability to publish in the book is extremely varied, allowing an individual to contribute recipes about Pies or learning how to build a birdhouse.

6. Explain the meaning of the mnemonic device in the context of the individual you are researching or vice versa.

For example: I selected this mnemonic device to symbolize the conceptual framework of Tim Berners Lee’s though process during the advent of the World Wide Web. The book was important to Mr. Lee, as he would carry it around with him for inspiration. The tangible demonstration of this inspiration resulting in a Web of Individuals contributing bits of information for greater understanding of all subjects small and large, is truly awe inspiring. Not only is the World Wide Web a Macrocosm with seeds to the piece of Victorian history, but also there are examples within the web like Wikipedia that can correspond as a nuevo iteration to the general principles inherent in the publication from Houston and Sons…

7. In a paragraph answer the following deep thinking question (there are no wrong answers!!):

In this presentation we will discuss some of the founding fathers of the creation of the computer… this can be a passionate debate regarding the true ancestor and usually marks all the way back to the beginning of mathematics, and the Lebombo Bone (the fibula or calf bone of a baboon): An ancient artifact found between South Africa and Swaziland, dating back 150,000 years… The thinking is that the stick was used for tallying, what was being tallied is up to hypothesis and deeper research…

Although it is debatable if Math is the most important factor to the creation of Computers and the Internet, should we also place importance on Communication, Language, etc?

8. Place both of your names at the top of the paper, the title of the activity, the date, and upload the document to moodle (each individual needs to upload the document, there should be two uploads per group — it is ok if they are the same document, for the answers 1-6… answer 7 should be your own thoughts…)