History of the Internet

In this presentation we will discuss some of the founding fathers of the creation of the computer… this can be a passionate debate regarding the true ancestor and usually marks all the way back to the beginning of mathematics, and the Lebombo Bone (the fibula or calf bone of a baboon): An ancient artifact found between South Africa and Swaisland, dating back 150,000 years… The thinking is that the stick was used for tallying, what was being tallied is up to hypothesis and deeper research…

Although it is debatable if Math is the most important factor to the creation of Computers and the Internet, should we also place importance on Communication, Language, etc?

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== Granville T. Woods


== Telegram/Telegraph Primer


Alfred Vail, Joseph Henry, Samuel Morse were the two men provided credit for the invention of  Morse Code (1836) for usage on the electrical telegraph, created by Pavel Schilling (1832).

How does the telegraph work?

How do we speak Morse Code Properly?

Here is a detailed Description..

== Turing Machine


==  Enquire within Everything

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More Fun… A Poem about a Railroad Telegram Operator from a 1972 Radio Broadcast.