Identity Assignment

1.  Create a Google Document.
2. Find an example of 1 business for each of the 6 examples listed above.
3.  Take a screen capture of the site you visited…
Discussion on how to create a screen shot with a mac or pc:
PC == Print to Screen or Ctrl + P … then save as a pdf…
MAC == Use the application Grab … select the area … and save …
4. Write atleast 3 sentences…
(1) Introduce us to the site and describe its characteristics.
(2) Describe how that site fits the category of the different e-commerce identities listed above.
(3)  Tells us about your experience on the site, how it operates, and additional information relative to the success or failure of the site.
For example:
In Identity number 3 or C2B:  I found the example of is a website that allows a consumer to post a project, and the freelancers swoop in and tell them how much it would cost to manifest.  Many of the individuals coming onto the site are looking to receive IT help for their various projects.  The individuals post the project in detail and a price amount they hope to  acquired the IT talent for.
There is a profile of the different talent, previously completed projects, reference quotes, and a star system built in to contribute to the posters understanding of the quality of talent bidding on their project.  An interesting note is that there seemed to be a strong international flavor to the site with individuals from all over the world contributing.  To date there are over 4 million freelancers looking for projects and 2.5 million people looking for projects.


Note:  You can not use any of the sites already mentioned in class!!
5.  Upload your homework assignment as a document in the Moodle Shell.