E-Commerce Timeline

1970 — The first presence of commercial relations was used to transfer data or transmit data between computers.

Michael Aldrich invented the first online shopping.

Originally e-commerce was used as a web to send documents regarding a transaction for commercial purposes… Essentially this was the computer supplying similar functionality to the fax machine for the processing of purchasing forms and invoices.

1980 — Acceptance and automation of receiving credit cards via the telephone and automated teller machines.

The second step was the utilization of “commerce in the network”  where electronic payment gateways began to authorize activities related to purchasing with credit cards.

March 4th 1983 — Boston Computer Exchange — Bulletin Board Purchasing

1985 — Nissan UK begins to sell and finance cars 

1990 —  Growth of the World Wide Web and the implementation of “Web Commerce” platforms.

 Tim Berners Lee – writes the first web browser, known as the World Wide Web…

Pizza Hut is the first company to create online ordering…

1994 — With public adoption leading to exponential growth, general Analysis centered on e-commerce becoming a focal member of the economic sector.

Jeff Bezos creates Amazon.com, Dell and Cisco begin to create B2B commercial solutions for purchasing.

2000 — Commercial terrestrial retail corporations and companies recognize the emergence of online retailers as competition and began expanding their storefront reach to the e-commerce community.

Today — E-Commerce is a central focus for companies: promoting their products, expanding their reach, and growing their presence.